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1st July update

Hello Children, Parents and Carers,

It's hard to believe that we are in July already, and already past 100 days of lockdown; it feels very surreal most of the time, and completely normal at others. I am so pleased that we have finally been able to share our plans for the end of term and hope that this has gone some way to reassure all the children how much we have missed them and want to see them! I have also been very proud of how adaptable every single one of them has been, whether they have had to come to a new version of school or work from home. Plans are already being put in place to support them all in September, both emotionally and academically. with both of these aims being equally important to us.

Please keep your fingers crossed for a sunny final two weeks; or, get your raincoats ready if not!

Have a good week.

Corinne Thornton





 Coming back to school!

A film to show what our classrooms and other spaces look like at the moment!