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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Year 5

The Curriculum and School Trips

We have lots of exciting topics planned for this year.

In the autumn term we will learn about the Victorians. We will be learning about aspects of Victorian history, what life was like for a Victorian child both in school and in the workplace. We will also look at Legends and write stories based on this genre.

In the spring term our topic will be Brazil. We will learn about the rainforest, habitats and what life is like for local people. We will also be learning about Space and about the relative movement, shapes and sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon. We will also learn about the rest of the solar system and human’s exploration of space.

During the summer term we will be finding out about the Romans. We will also link the Ancient World with the modern, when we make a comparison with life in Rome today. We will too focus upon the achievements of the early civilisations and the Mayans.

Along with our leading topics we also have some fantastic science units and will be learning about forces, properties of materials, changes of materials, living things and animals, including humans.

Special Events

Autumn term

Year 5 children will have the opportunity to put their learning into practice with a trip based on life as a Victorian child in the workhouse.

Spring term

Linked to our topic on Earth and Space the children will have the chance to visit the Space Centre in Leicester on Wednesday 20th March.

Curriulum Matters

 Year 5 Curriculum Matters Spring 1

Summer term

To launch our Roman Topic the children will have the chance to become a Roman for a whole day.

Everyone will have the opportunity to take part in Roman activities and dress up as a Roman character, even the teachers!

During the year there will be lots of other special events such as Science Week, Sports Week, our residential visit to Mount Cook (3rd and 4th June) and more which will all help to make this a very exciting year.