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Summer Term - Are all environments beautiful? 


This term, the children in year three will be learning about different environments.  We will look at different environments around our locality, what they are used for, how are they of significance to our community and how they are beautiful.  Of course, we may decide that some environments are more 'beautiful' than others. 

We will look specifically at 

1.  The Peak District 

2. Urban environments

3. City environments

We will also read stories that focus upon creating a purposeful and beautiful environment.  These will include 


Our concept is CREATIVITY  

In art and music we will look at how we can create images of our surroundings and learn how artists and musicians do this. 

We will look at the work of 

Georgia O’Keefe, Henri Rousseau and  Qi Baishi and listen to The Storm by Benjamin Britten.

(Please also see the Curriculum Matters Document for more details about our class texts and more detail about each subject covered this term).


Click HERE for Summer Term's Curriculum Matters

Recommended Reads 


Also can I remind you that as a school we ask that you read with your child 3x per week and record this in your child’s reading record book.

Thank you for all that you do at home.