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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery


Spring Term 2


One week left of home learning to go!!

We can't wait to see everyone back in school. We will make sure there is lots of social time during the first so the children can rebuild their friendships. We will be doing some collaborative art work, team building games, PE sessions and more! As well as obviously getting stuck back into our learning!


Feel free to email us with any questions.


Mrs Christie and Mrs Barker

Week 2 - 1st March

Weekly overview 1st March

Supplementary activities:

ay worksheet           Compound words

dinosaur colouring  

Harry and the dinosaur puppets

Examples of peg doll characters

book review


Week 1 - 22nd February

Weekly overview

Assignments all on Teams.

Supplementary sheets:

Dinosaur counting in 2's

dinosaur colouring

Dinosaur I spy and add  and   Checklist


Week 6 - 8th February

Weekly overview 8th Feb

Supplementary sheets:

Mrs Christie's group-   au    aw    wh and ph

Mrs Daly's group -  thr nd nt

Fairy tales colouring sheets

Name the traditional story clues

Spag mat 5


Week 5 - 1st February

Weekly overview 1st Feb

Supplementary sheets:

Phonics:  Phonic game board    Cards and counters for the game

Mrs Christie's group - ea       ir       oy

Mrs Daly's group - scr str shr sheets 

Spag mat 4

Jousting colouring sheet

BBC supermovers - feelings song


Week 4 - 25th January

Weekly overview - 25th Jan

Supplementary sheets:

Phonics:  Mrs Christie's group: ay       ie spotter         ou

Mrs Daly's group:  sc sk board game (use a dice and a counter to move along the track. Read the word that you land on. If you get it wrong you have to move back!        tr worksheet        sp worksheet

Spag mat 3

Story map for Little red Riding Hood

Adjectives to describe characters

Colouring sheets

Week 3 - 18th January


Weekly overview  Links are included in the overview.

Supplementary worksheets: 

For Mrs Christie's phonics group: ue family      Split digraphs   u-e real and nonsense words

For Mrs Daly's phonics group:   st sn sm sheets

Spag mat 2  Pick the most appropriate level for your child.

Cut and stick activity for the Three Little Pigs

I spy count and add  and  Checklist linked to The Three little Pigs

Week 2 - 11th January

Weekly overview  I have done this by days to try and make it easier. 

Maths - White Rose video for Monday      White Rose video for Wednesday    White Rose video for Thursday    

Monday maths Practise with number bonds to 10. These can be used to get you started.

Wed maths task           Thursday maths task         Friday maths task     Friday challenge

English - BBC schools video and some further guidance in how to write instructions if you need it.

Pictures for writing instructions Sequence the pictures and write your instruction next to each one.

 Gap's sheet for Thursday Adding 's'

Supplementary sheets

For Mrs Christie's phonics group:         Split digraph o-e,    Split digraph a-e   Split e-e wordsearch

For Mrs Daly's phonics group:   oi sheet     ur sheet      oa sheet

Sound mats for reference: Phase 3   Phase 4    Phase 5

SPAG mat 1 - There are 3 ability levels. Pick the most relevant one for your child. Although it says Autumn term, this is where the children are up to. They should be able to do these with a little independence.

These phonic activity mats are really good. You could do one or 2 a week. Pick the phase most relevant for your child. This will last you all half term!      Phase 3 activity mats           Phase 4 activity mats

PE -1 - Busy Bodies, Cosy Toes     2 - Snowy days     3 -Let's stay or fly away    4 -Snow city

History - Tudor family tree - Use this to answer the quiz questions on Teams.

Extra links     BBC school radio - Making and baking

Swimming gingerbread experiment     Instructions

 Week 1 - 5th January

Weekly overview of learning (Amended) 

Links and activities to support learning


Counting on (Tuesday),  

White Rose teaching video (Use this if you or your child needs extra support)

White Rose 'counting on' slides and questions. (Fri)

Challenge (Fri)

Supermovers counting (All week)


Elves and the Shoemaker pictures (Wednesday)

Please use the phonic sheet you were sent before Christmas to recap the sounds your child may have forgotten.


Wars of the Roses information

Wars of the Roses worksheet


I shall postpone gymnastics until we are all back in school so that the children at home don't miss out. Cricket has also been cancelled. Please try and do at least 30 minutes activity each day. Joe Wicks starts back next week! I shall post some links you might like each week or feel free to find something you can all do together.

Both of these are from BBC school radio - Time to Move. They are about 20 mins long and your child should be able to do this by themselves! We will be doing these in school this week.

The elves and the shoemaker   The elves are discovered    



Please remember that the morning snack should be fresh fruit and vegetables only and water to drink. If you are sending your child in with their own snack, please make sure it is not any other kind of snack or drink. There is fresh fruit available in school every day.

We have a collection of unclaimed hooded tops. If you are missing one, let me know.


Keep going with the word cards. You can also ask your child how to spell the words they are learning.

Please continue to practise cursive handwriting:

c    o     a    d    g   q    f    s

These letters all start on the line. Start by doing an entrance, over and stop, back around. The 'a, o, d and g' all start by making the 'c'. 

i    r    n    m     

These all start on the line. Start by doing an entrance, then back down. Finish by putting a little 'flick' on the end

l   h   b   t   k   

Entrance, up tall, back down.

    e      u    y      v    w    x    z

Try writing words using all cursive handwriting. (not joined up though)

Feel free to print off and use the handwriting guides under 'useful links'.



Although in Year 1 the children will be working on the National Curriculum, we are mindful that children have missed a lot of school and therefore we will also be referring back to the EYFS curriculum.

Our topic theme this term is 'How does where we live affect how we live?' It is a Geography based topic that takes us around the world. We will cover all the continents but particularly focus on our local environment, Polar lands and Australia.

In Year 1 we do lots and lots of phonics, picking up from what the children already know. Phonics is really important in helping the children to decode new words in their reading books. is a great website for practising at home. You can access some games for free or subscribe for the year. In addition to this, please learn the high frequency words sent to you before the Summer. This is linked to the coloured reading bands your child is on.  For example as a rough guide, they know all the yellow words and are on yellow reading band, once they know around half of the blue words they can move to blue reading band. Please read with your child 3-4 times per week. In school, we will mainly be doing guided reading with a small group.

In Maths, we will be focusing on numbers to 20, 1 more/1 less and addition and subtraction to 10. We will find out what the children have remembered from Reception and build on their existing knowledge.

PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please send your child already dressed in full PE kit. 



Our allocated library dates are 17/9, 15/10, 19/11 and 17/12. Please send your child's library book

on these days.


Photos of learning


 Useful links

Year 1 reading and spelling words

Handwriting guides

 Oxford Owl reading materials

 Phase 3 sound mat      Phase 4 sound mat

Autumn 2 overview of learning