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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery


September 2021

 We have had a good start to the term and the children have settled in well to the new classroom and routines. They are enjoying having playtimes on the 'big' field and using the new equipment. 

The children enjoyed making their own 'Bog Baby' using clay and natural resources and will be looking for the best habitat around school to place their Bog Baby. 

Below is more information on the learning for the week so you can support your child at home or if they are isolating.


Feel free to contact me on if you are isolating and want to send in work or if you have any queries.


Kay Christie, Ellena Barker, Janine Daly

Week beginning 20th September

Maths - Counting backwards from 20 to 0.  Eg Start at different numbers and count back. Start at 13 and count back to 9.

          One less than a given number. Eg What is 1 less than 12? If I had 10 apples and ate one, how many are left? 9 - 1 = 

        Counting a set of objects accurately. Touch, move or cross out the objects. Eg How many books are here? Can you give me 8 pencils? Count out just 12 of the teddies.

        Introduce the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols to compare groups of objects.  <  or > Tip: The crocodile likes to eat the bigger number.

        Recognise and name 3D shapes. Can you find some cylinders in your house? Which objects in your house are cubes, cuboids, cones?

Topic/Writing - If you are at home, draw a simple map of your garden or room using 2 D shapes. Then hide 5 objects around the space and mark on your map where you have hidden them.  Ask someone in your family to find the objects using your map. You can also swap so you have to find the objects using the map. write down where you found the objects.

PE - Balancing on one leg, galloping, side stepping, hopping and skipping.

Phonics - Practise the cursive letter formation for  'c, a, d, g, s, o'. Use the sound mats under 'useful links' to practise the sounds relevant for your child. Practise writing words matched to their knowledge. Eg Phase 2 - am, is, it, at, on   Phase 3 - shop, chin, deep, coat   Phase 4 - flat, clap, sleep is a great website to use. 

Please read regularly and practise the high frequency words every day.




 Our class

Class teachers - Mrs Christie (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

                          Mrs Barker (Thursday)

Teaching assistant - Mrs Daly (Monday- Wednesday)

We have a home corner, reading area, construction, outdoor space, small world, writing, DT and Maths areas. The children can access these areas independently and are resourced to enhance and continue their learning. The children are set 5 challenges each week and can put a coloured spot on their ladybird for each challenge completed.


Please remember that the morning snack should be fresh fruit and vegetables and only and water to drink. If you are sending your child in with their own snack, please make sure it is not any other kind of snack or drink. There is fresh fruit available in school every day.

Please make sure that book bags, jumpers, cardigans, wellies etc are all labelled.

Please read with your child as many times as possible each week, the minimum should be 4 times per week. Fill in the reading record when they have read to you as this will go toward their group's 'Reading Racer' points.

All children will have a set of word cards. You can cut this up and learn a few at a time. A few minutes every day will help increase their word recognition. The words they know link to the reading band they are on. You can also ask your child how to spell the words they are learning.

Please continue to practise cursive handwriting:

c    o     a    d    g   q    f    s

These letters all start on the line. Start by doing an entrance, over and stop, back around. The 'a, o, d and g' all start by making the 'c'. 

i    r    n    m     

These all start on the line. Start by doing an entrance, then back down. Finish by putting a little 'flick' on the end

l   h   b   t   k   

Entrance, up tall, back down.

    e      u    y      v    w    x    z

Try writing words using all cursive handwriting. (not joined up though)

Feel free to print off and use the handwriting guides under 'useful links'.



Although in Year 1 the children will be working on the National Curriculum, we are mindful that children have missed a lot of school and therefore we will also be referring back to the EYFS curriculum.

Our topic theme this term is 'How do we take care of things?' It is a Geography based topic that takes us around the world. We will cover all the continents but particularly focus on our local environment, Polar lands and Australia. Alongside this we will also be running our DT projects of freestanding structures and sliders and levers.

In Year 1 we do lots and lots of phonics, picking up from what the children already know. Phonics is really important in helping the children to decode new words in their reading books. is a great website for practising at home. You can access some games for free or subscribe for the year. In addition to this, please learn the high frequency words your child has been given This is linked to the coloured reading bands your child is on.  For example as a rough guide, they know all the yellow words and are on yellow reading band, once they know around half of the blue words they can move to blue reading band. Please read with your child 3-4 times per week. In school, we will mainly be doing guided reading with a small group.

In Maths, we will be focusing on numbers to 20, 1 more/1 less and addition and subtraction to 10. We will find out what the children have remembered from Reception and build on their existing knowledge.

PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please send your child already dressed in full PE kit. 

 Our library day is every Friday. Please send their library book back each week so they can change it for a new book.


 Useful links

Year 1 reading and spelling words

Handwriting guides

 Oxford Owl reading materials

 Phase 3 sound mat      Phase 4 sound mat