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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery


The government states that ‘a high quality physical education curriculum should inspire all children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities.

Physical Education inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.’ National Curriculum 2013

It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.


At Gorseybrigg Primary School, we want all our pupils to be inspired and engaged by a high quality physical education.

  • We offer children the support to develop competence and confidence in a broad range of physical activities, including both competitive and co-operative sports.
  • We are committed to providing the opportunity for all children to be physically active for sustained periods of time and to developing their understanding of the importance of health and fitness for life.
  • Our P.E curriculum provides a framework for every child to develop a sense of team building and cooperation when working with others and to participate successfully as part of a community of sports-people.
  • We strive to cultivate a real enjoyment of P.E., to make sport an accessible activity for all and to support all children to improve their skills, achieve their full potential and excel.


Throughout the academic year, active and sporting activities are provided as an enhancement to the core P.E curriculum, including but not limited to:

  • An extensive after-school club timetable
  • Active lessons throughout the school day as part of the teaching of other curriculum subjects including the Active Maths programme
  • Play leaders employed to structure physical activities at lunch times
  • Links to clubs within the community which provide an opportunity for pupils to engage in sport specific activities
  • The Bikeability programme
  • Intra activities provided through our affiliation with the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership (SHAPE)
  • Competitive activities against other local schools provided by the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership (SHAPE)
  • A sports day, school fun runs, local walks and a themed sports week.

Throughout the year, the core PE curriculum is delivered by two hours of focussed lessons for each class each week. Every year group covers the activity areas of games, gymnastics and dance. KS2 children are also taught swimming and water safety, athletics and outdoor and adventure activities. Children develop and apply fundamental skills and movements through the REAL PE programme in which the key themes (cogs) are social, physical, health and fitness, creative, cognitive and personal.


We have two P.E. subject leaders in order to ensure coverage, continuity and progression throughout the whole school. They have a range of joint responsibilities:

  • To monitor and evaluate P.E. teaching and learning
  • To manage the P.E. budget effectively including ensuring that Sports Premium Funding is spent to develop a lasting legacy for P.E. and sport in school.
  • To maintain the P.E. element of the School Improvement Plan
  • To liaise and consult with outside agencies, local clusters and community groups, especially the Chesterfield Sports Partnership
  • To support and advise teachers in the planning and delivery of P.E. lessons
  • To maintain and monitor P.E. resources in school
  • To attend and disseminate training
  • To ensure membership of professional bodies, especially Create Development, is up to date and used in school



We want all children at our school to make excellent progress, achieve success and find enjoyment in PE. Our belief that physical education and school sport help our pupils to develop confidence, a sense of well-being, and a long lasting healthy lifestyle guides us to promote active participation by everyone whatever their race, gender, economic status or ability. We strive to meet the needs of those pupils with special educational needs, disabilities, particular gifts and talents and children for whom English is an additional language so that everyone is able to fulfil their potential. We hope that our pupils’ adult lives continue to be enhanced by their enjoyment of sport and offer our P.E. curriculum as a foundation for life-long health and well-being.

To achieve our high expectations and fulfil our commitment to excellence, we appreciate how crucial it is to engage with students in order to evaluate the impact of our provision. We regularly conduct pupil voice interviews and act on the outcomes.


To inform excellence in P.E. teaching, we intend that teaching staff will develop a deep knowledge of the curriculum. To enable this, all teachers have a clear understanding of the Real P.E. scheme through support from P.E. co-ordinators, CPD, a CSSP P.E. specialist and Create Development. We actively seek support from the Chesterfield School Partnership (SHAPE) and our P.E. specialists attend their organised events. Assessment against the curriculum enables us to consider attainment and progress and adjust teaching accordingly, communicating achievement in PE to children’s new teachers. Monitoring including lesson observations and the checking of planning takes place in a supportive atmosphere where the emphasis is on improvement and the sharing of ideas.

Our Community

Affiliation with the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership brings the local community of schools together in collaborative and competitive sport. Children experience a range of activities using a variety of local facilities. Our curriculum is enhanced by links with local sporting clubs who provide enrichment days and opportunities for children to take their skills and enjoyment of sport to a club level. Children in KS2 have the opportunity to participate in overnight residential trips which incorporate Outdoor and Adventure Activities. We recognise that sports events have a special role in engaging families and welcoming them into school and we use these occasions to provide information about the curriculum and to listen to parental views and suggestions.

Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.’

At Gorseybrigg we are proud to provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences, not only to fulfil requirements, but to enhance and enrich the curriculum for all our pupils.

All children in Reception to Year 6 participate in 2 hours of Physical Education per week and follow the schemes from Core Real PE, Real Gym and Real Dance. 

The government states that all children should be active for 60 minutes each day. At Gorseybrigg, we are committed to fulfilling the schools responsibility of ensuring all children are active for at least 30 minutes of the school day. In addition to the 2 hours of PE each day, teachers ensure that children are active at various points of the day through the use of varied activities. This may include; whole school activity time, active maths, active English, Supermovers, dance moves, brain gym and outdoor learning.

Our Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage children have continuous access to their own outdoor area where they can develop their fine and gross motor skills through activities such as climbing, cycling, building, writing and painting.

Foundation stage children participate in a weekly Forest School session with a trained leader. Children love  their outdoor learning!

Children also have a weekly gymnastic and dance session in the school hall. Reception children have a Real PE lesson each week too.

Reception children have the exciting opportunity of experiencing balance bike training run by the bikeability team as well as multi-skills events from the SHAPE partnership.


Key Stage 1 and 2

Our Key Stage 1 children have two hours of PE each week, alternating between dance, gymnastics and Core Real PE. Through the SHAPE partnership, the children in Key Stage 1 have many opportunities to develop their skills in whole class events, either within our own school or at a local venue alongside other local schools.

This is a great opportunity to kick start the week and improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children. A weekly swimming lesson takes place for our Year 4 children in the local sports centre.

We are affiliated to the SHAPE partnership.

We are affiliated with SHAPE partnership in North East Derbyshire which provides a huge range of whole class and small group opportunities throughout the year.

We train Year 5 children to become mini leaders.

We encourage children to take on leadership roles in providing further opportunities in physical activity. Through SHAPE, we train Year 5 children to become mini leaders. These children provide structured, fun activities and games during lunchtimes.

Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to go on an action-packed, residential trip.

Each year, children in Year 5 have the opportunity to attend an overnight stay where a range of outdoor and adventurous activities are provided. This is often a first experience of staying away from home for many children. Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to go on an action-packed, residential trip. This is a great way to cement friendships and celebrate their time at Gorseybrigg. A range of educational, team building and outdoor and adventurous activities provide an excellent itinery.

The children feel proud in their specially designed PE kit and learn important values of respect and fairness.

We closely follow the SHAPE competition calendar throughout the year, participating in tournaments for cricket, tennis, netball and athletics. The children feel proud in their school PE kit and learn important values of respect and fairness.
Whole class opportunities provided by SHAPE include multi-skills, gymnastics and dance festivals alongside other local schools.

We further enrich the curriculum by inviting local sports coaches into school to provide taster sessions and build club links with the local community. Every year, in the Summer term, we hold a Sports and Health Week. During this week a wide range of opportunities are offered, including visiting the Dronfield Sports Centre to use their facilities, local clubs offering taster sessions, lessons on healthy lifestyles and children participating in intra-competitions. 

Foundation stage, and Year 1 to Year 6 each hold their own Sports Days in the Summer term. All events include both competitive and non-competitive elements.

Key stage 2 children also have the opportunity of accessing the bikeability training to ensure they can ride a bike safely.

 As part of our compulsory PE offer we send all children swimming during Year 4.  In recent years, we have also included additional sessions for Y5 and Y6 pupils who have not met the standard for primary swimming.

Swimming is a very inclusive, health-promoting activity that can be continued for life. Learning to swim and be confident in water not only saves lives but can also provide the essential foundation for individuals to access many water-based recreational activities. Aquatic activities can include swimming, water safety activities, lifesaving, diving and open-water swimming. We owe it to our youngsters to give them the best chance to learn to swim, as well and as early as possible.

The Derbyshire County Council vision is: -

Working creatively together to inspire and empower children, young people and their families and communities to be the best they can be: safe, healthy, happy, learning and working’ Swimming and water safety has a key role to play in this process, particularly in respect of the contribution which it can make towards the vision:


  • Minimising the risk of accidental injury and death through the development of swimming and water safety skills and knowledge


  • Being physically healthy through the development of a range of aquatic skills to enable active, lifelong participation
  • Establishing healthy lifestyles through participation in aquatic activity in and out of school hours and with opportunities to progress


  • Attend and enjoy school through a personalised, challenging and varied aquatic programme
  • Contributing to achieving increased levels of attaining, behaviour and attendance through enhanced aquatic physical development
  • Personal and social development through a range of social skills developed as a result of being part of a team and/or club type environment
  • Enjoy recreation through the development of a range of aquatic skills to enable active lifelong participation

 Learning and working:

  • Develop self-confidence through achieving recognised awards appropriate to the ability and aspirations of the individual
  • Contribute to positive behaviour through active participation in swimming, and a recognition of the importance of rules
  • Engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school through education and training for the leisure and recreation industry
  • Be prepared for employment as a result of developing life skills through aquatic activities e.g. communication, leadership, teamwork

 General Aim

Due to the evident hazard of drowning, learning to swim and developing water safety skills continues to be an entitlement and a statutory element of the national curriculum.

The Derbyshire County Council Primary School Swimming Programme will ensure that children are given the opportunity of learning to swim in a safe and caring environment. We provide a continuous progressive programme of work, so children should develop their confidence, swimming and water safety skills. The level of attainment achieved will be dependent on a child’s background knowledge.


Participation in the Primary Swimming Programme has several benefits:

  • Our school is working towards the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • DCC only use swimming facilities and bus companies that have been assessed fit for purpose for use by Derbyshire County Council schools.    
  • Teachers attending have access to professional development e.g.- ASA (Swim England).
  • A School Swimming Manager is available for support and advice.
  • New Swimming Awards have been introduced (National Curriculum Award)
  • Standards of the programme are consistently monitored by DCC.

Our current Council school swimming programme lasts for 30 weeks a year spread over the three full terms.