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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Our School Council and Eco Council

These Councils play a vital role at Gorseybrigg and we involve all year groups in the process.

Two councillors from Y1 through to Y5, and six councillors from Y6 meet every four weeks (or more often if needed), to discuss and debate a range of issues and the agenda is set by both pupils and staff.

Our Reception and Nursery classes meet with their teachers and send their ideas and thoughts to these meetings. Other classes hold regular meetings with their councillors to feed back meeting agendas and discuss new ideas to bring. The councillors also run occasional assemblies to share the decisions made with the whole school. We are very proud of how hard they work and how seriously they take their roles!

Between 2018 and 2021 these are some of the improvements our Councils worked on:-

  • Looking at reward systems in school and making decisions for 2019-21 rewards.
  • Taking part in our Online Safety Committee meetings and inputting ideas from a pupil perspective.
  • Completing the Action Plan for Eco Schools, identifying 3 key targets that we have begun to work on (this will continue when our school is back fully functioning)
  • Debating curriculum changes and sharing pupil responses to the learning happening in our classrooms.
  • Identifying outdoor areas in school to develop - a quiet reading area and an Eco Garden. These are currently in development
  • Raising money for a friendship bench through tuck shops and circus stalls.
  • Discussing ideas for a child-led behaviour code (including leading on an assembly).
  • Helping us design the outdoor area which is currently being updated.
  • Supporting the development of our new Library space, including fundraising ideas to buy books, collecting ideas for books to buy and working with our Literacy Leads to select class books from the Library Service.
  • Approving attendance awards, including a trophy.
  • Deciding on the continuation of the visiting pantomime into school.

We look forward to our School Council for 2019-21 playing an equally important role in the life of our school and are currently setting up our new Eco-Council!

School Council/Eco Council Diary Dates

Our councillors are now back meeting regularly following lockdown. Meeting details are as follows:

Tuesday 20th April - Eco Council

Thursday 22nd April - School Council 

Tuesday 15th June - Eco Council

Wednesday 16th June - School Council