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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Foundation Stage

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The EYFS Curriculum


This term we will be learning about transport. We will begin by learning about wheels and axles and we will be making our own forms of transport with wheels.  We will then be talking about air transport and then water transport.

In literacy we will be writing about floating and sinking experiments and we will be writing our own mini-books.  We will be reading Mr Gumpy's motor car, The Little Blue Boat and Dogs can't fly and we will act out the stories and use lots of story language in preparation for writing.

In Numeracy we will be playing lots of number games on the computer.  Also, we will be learning about doubles, capacity and missing number problems.

We will be creating lots of different forms of transport and look forward to showing off our giant hot air balloon! 


Special Events…

Autumn Term:

We will be performing a Traditional Natavity Play for all of our parents on Friday 14th December.

We will also be having a Christmas party on Tuesday 18th December.

Spring Term:

We will be hatching our own chicks and watching them grow!

We will also be taking part in Easter themed whole school events.

Summer Term:

We will be visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and taking part in the school sports day!