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Please keep an eye on our blog for regular updates of the learning we do in Year 4 and the fun we have along the way!

Class Book 08/11/19

We have finally finished reading Podkin One Ear and it was absolutely fantastic - it received a round of applause at the end! The children have voted and our new class book is...


Spellings 07/11/19

Spellings are due in 14/11/19. (Click here to view).

Halloween Dress Up Day 23/10/19

Shrine Making

The children had lots of fun making shrines in RE!

Spellings 24/10/19

Spellings are due in 07/11/19. (Click here to view)

Spellings 17/10/19

Spellings are due in 24/10/19. (Click here to view)

Our Egg Experiment - The Results! 16/10/19



English Debate

Last week, we had a debate in English. One side were supporting Grendel and his decision to attack the Viking village and the other side were against this. The children worked really hard in groups to gather ideas and develop points to share in the debate.

Stars of the Week 10/10/19

Well done to our fantastic Stars of the Week!

Spellings 10/10/19

Spellings are due in 17/10/19. (Click to view)

Viking Artwork

Our Viking display is looking absolutely fantastic! All of the children have worked so hard on their artwork, and I have been very impressed with all of the extra Viking learning that has been created and completed at home!

Science Experiment 10/10/19

Today we set up our science experiment into tooth decay. We are eagerly awaiting the results and will find out on Tuesday which liquid has the most damaging effect.

Stars of the Week 03/10/19

Well done to our fantastic Stars of the Week!

Spellings 03/10/19

Spellings are due 10/10/19. (Click here to view)


Five favourite new books in September from Books for Topics...

#BookPenPal 30/09/19

Exciting news... Year 4 have now got a Book Pen Pal! Throughout the year, we have the pleasure and privilege of having author Justin Davies as our pen pal. He will be writing to our class with book recommendations and other exciting things  to do with writing and books. For more information on Justin and his books, you can visit his website (click here to view).

Justin's first book was "Help! I Smell A Monster!"


Stars of the Week 26/09/19

Well done to our fantastic Stars of the Week!

Spellings 26/09/19

Spellings will be tested on 03/10/19. Click here to view.

Viking Poetry 25/09/19 

We really want the sun back! Last week, we learnt all about how King Ethelred tried to pay the Vikings to stop attacking Britain. We learnt and performed a poem by Rudyard Kipling called "The Viking", which was based on this idea, known as Danegeld. 

Stars of the Week 19/09/19

Well done to our fabulous Stars of the Week!

Spellings 19/09/19

These spellings will be tested on 26/09/19. Click here to view.

Music 18/09/19

During our music lessons, we are learning different Viking Sagas. These are stories all about the many gods that the Vikings believed in. We have learnt all about Loki and how mischievous he is. We also created our own actions to go with the lyrics. It was lots of fun!

Stars of the Week 12/09/19

Well done to our fantastic Stars of the Week! 

Spellings 12/09/19

These spellings will be tested on 19/09/19. Click here to view.

Class Book 11/09/19

Today, the children voted for the book that they would like to choose as our first ever class book in Year 4. It was nearly a unanimous decision and the book with the most votes was...

First Day Back 04/09/19

Wow what a fantastic first day with the new Year 4 class! They have all worked so hard today and I have been very impressed. Year 4 got stuck in straight away to Roman numerals. We were learning how to use them all the way up to 100! 

Summer Reading Suggestions 2019

I hope you are all having lots of fun over the summer holidays and I can't wait to hear all about what you have been up to! Here are some reading suggestions from Books for Topics if you're stuck for ideas; the top rated books from July :)